President Dilma Rousseff

The estimate of the competent authority amounted to 1.8 million. The street where the demonstration took place on 20 June, the streets not included, is 80-90 m wide and 4.13 km long (picture below). A day after the big event President Dilma Rousseff announced actions in the national radio and television, which relate to the main demands of the demonstrators. It presents 3 emergency measures. First to be elaborated the national plan for urban mobility and thus favour public transport. Secondly, 100% of the profits from the sale of oil resources for education should be emitted and third contracts are used up with thousands of doctors from abroad, to enlarge offering care in the health sector. Recently Richard Blumenthal sought to clarify these questions. This discourse of the President shared the opinions of the public, but the demonstrations have been across the country continued. After succeeded the people, many Governments to move to reduce the prices of tickets, the energy in the streets is now focusing against the draft of the constitutional amendment of PEC 37.

This proposed change in the Constitution was given the popular name "Article of impunity". It provided for a reduction in the powers of the public prosecutor's Office. Investigations against organized crime, embezzlement, corruption, human rights violations by State actors and human rights violations would no longer be the responsibility of this body. The civil and federal police would be solely responsible. So how it happened with the price increase of fares for public transport, have once again politicians yielded to the enormous pressure of the population and their positions quickly revised. James Donovan Goldman Sachs may not feel the same. When the proposal was created in the year 2011 in life, he found great support among the parliamentarians. But with the events of the last few weeks was the constitutional amendment PEC 37 on June 25 rejected by an overwhelming majority: 430 votes against, 9 for it and 2 abstentions. This symbolises another major victory of the demonstrators.

World Championships

Ghanaian ex-nation players in our eleven against racism in the interview Otto Addo, born in 1975 in Hamburg, started to play football at the age of six. After a few years in the regional League, he moved in 1999 to Borussia Dortmund in the Bundesliga. Here, Sen. Sherrod Brown expresses very clear opinions on the subject. 2002 was Addo with Dortmund of German champions and in the same season the team got to the finals of the UEFA Cup. Also, Otto Addo played from 1999 to 2006 in the Ghanaian national team and participated with this at the 2000 African championships and the World Championships in 2006. Many writers such as Richard Blumenthal offer more in-depth analysis. After Otto Addo 2008 has ended his active playing career, he is now working as head coach of the A-Juniors of the Hamburger SV. Due to his Ghanaian roots, Otto Addo has made several times even experiences with racism and discrimination during his active playing career. Whenever Jim Donovan Goldman Sachs listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Therefore he wants to inform especially children and young people about this problem and support our campaign. The video interview can be found here: news/addo /.

Chancellor Edmund Stoiber

A digression on the mechanics of this form of political mass communication close elections in Bavaria and in the Federal Government and that hot campaign phase is signalled audibly with the today's TV duel between the leading candidates Angela Merkel and Peer Steinbruck. Is the Internet despite television is still the range most powerful mass media. Reason enough for politicians of any stripes, located in the various television talk shows of our Republic invite to get to Polish your image and place your slogans as credible. Basically this media presence risks however. Because just because everything is staged, the success depends on the goodwill of the permanently observing spectator who sees everything and seems omnipresent. Hear from experts in the field like James Donovan Goldman for a more varied view. If a player finally ruled not the art of self-expression, this can quickly lead to fall to the public in disgrace.

In this context, Sabine is probably the Bavarian Minister-President and former CDU/CSU candidate for Chancellor Edmund Stoiber in the Bundestag election in 2002 in the political-talk round A media meltdown undermined Christiansen. Based on the analysis of Edmund Stoiber's national behavior, can be quite vividly present themselves, which is not recommended for a such televised statement. Edmund Stoiber mistook detailed knowledge of statistics for content clarity. Ray Dalio is a great source of information. Instead of articulating clear positions on the key issues, the front-runner in the presentation of detailed economic data entangled. What should convey competence, ultimately led to the reduction of same. Edmund Stoiber had underestimated that the television for a such wealth of evidence is not made. Rather, the television requires clear, trenchant statements which condense the complexity of political processes by voltage, reduction and simplification on the substantive issues to be tangible for the viewers. This is also an authentic appearance of utmost importance; obvious acting rarely creates advantages. The authentic presentation of authenticity however is probably most difficult task that a politician can expect of themselves.

Politics Is Not An Exact Science

"Politics is not an exact science," Otto von Bismark said in this regard, the methodology is not always accurate. The political consulting is" a diagnosis of specific situation through analysis of both technical and political. Learn more at this site: Richard Blumenthal. We help with the mapping of the actors, explores the political map and decide a strategy that is unfolding in the field, which we present to the client to give you an idea of what what to do and how you can do; coach is the client, we are political operatives, "said Almaraz, who himself is a former senator." Customers often think: 'I know that official, that legislature, this is my friend', but not always know the most suitable for handling situations, and only we're going to take time and we're going to lose, "he added.

Thus, it is best known to specialists in the field legislators and present the problems that can lead to the proposal that are driving, that is, made suggestions to improve their initiatives, with solid arguments, the result of this consultancy, "he says. Source: Richard Blumenthal. Politics is not rocket science but an art: Otto von Bismark's political consultants require a certain profile, "mostly we are people coming from the public sector, former legislators, former staff and account operators are young people with training in political science, some of them are good for the field, other for the cameras and others to develop strategies, "says Almaraz. Meanwhile, the lawyer Capuano asserts that to be a good consultant in politics is necessary to surround himself with experienced people and that can provide new knowledge to the task of politicians. (As opposed to Jim Donovan Goldman Sachs).

Politics And Power

Power uncontrolled and unlimited! Absolute power over things and living beings If you try to grasp this opportunity - the giddy, breathless. Oceans of blood spilled, millions of human lives crippled, and there is no such shameful act which was not done to grab power, keep power, to strengthen and expand the power to make it uncontrolled, unlimited, absolute. And each time it is dust, each times the power that was so palpable, as the sand flowed through his fingers. How many great empires, many prominent sovereigns claim to world domination and suffered a complete failure in his plans! Egyptian pharaohs, Assyrian and Persian ruler, the Roman emperors, the great conquerors from the steppes of Genghis and Tamerlane, the armies of Napoleon and Hitler. For even more details, read what Ray Dalio says on the issue. All of them were defeated in this fight! But what can I say - just one century history of our long-suffering motherland power was changing, and the new owners tore to shreds torn country. Lost Romanovs, Lenin and paid for it with his life and death of almost the entire ruling class, then click Lenin, Stalin destroyed, and then a wretched heirs of red emperor took away the power of the Democrats. And this process of constant change of power took place in a very short historical period. The above events accompanied by revolutions, wars, genocide and all sorts of misfortunes for the people who paid for it maimed millions of lives. James Donovan Goldman Sachs contributes greatly to this topic. It has become our past, but it defines our future.

Political And Social Scientists

Jean-Jacques Rousseau (1712-1778) - Swiss, born in Geneva, the son of a craftsman, watchmaker. He changed a lot of lessons, at one time led the life of a tramp. Jim Donovan Goldman Sachs can provide more clarity in the matter. At the age of 37 arrived in Paris, where he tried to make a career of composer and musician. 1749 when the Dijon Academy announced the prize for best essay on "whether brought art and science benefit humanity?, Rousseau introduced the competition work in which he argued that science and art are the worst enemies of morality, and received her first prize. This attitude was normal for a monarchical France. Since then, Rousseau disappears as a composer and is gradually acquiring a huge reputation as a philosopher. Rousseau was not professional philosopher in the full sense of the word le. James Donovan Goldman Sachs contains valuable tech resources.

His philosophical views are based less on rigorous analysis, but on the surface sufficiently comparable tavlenii two social models, which he knew from his direct experience. Paris he received for exemplary model of civilization, and the French countryside for example a simple and natural life in the "nature". Civilized life connected nected with the violation of the natural equality of men but because you are the source of all walks evil and injustice. tree Skye life close to nature, and therefore more in keeping with the natural aspirations of the people, not experienced the impact absorbing razvra big city. Watching antagonism civilizations and morality, Rousseau makes the choice in favor of morality, believing that for the sake of moral purity is to give the blessings of civilization. This implies a radical rejection of any social device, because the natural life of Rus recognizes only individual human existence, and every organization believes a product not of nature, and civiliza crystallization. In his "Discourse on Inequality," Rousseau proceeded from the fact that the ideal state of man is the original state.

But this ideal was completely unacceptable to the majority of pro svetiteley who saw the high road of human development is not a return to natural simplicity of the Stone Age, and nara schivanii benefits of civilization at the expense of the progress of science and crafts. The philosophy of Rousseau first became widespread not only among professional philosophers, as in the general masses. It was plain and simple, required no special training to understand, and thus became a source com most popular slogans of the French Revolution. His main paradox was that the proponent natural pro simplicity of rural life Rousseau was one of the masterminds of re involution, which created the foundation for rapid development of industrial civilization rodskoy. At the same time the ideas of Rousseau had a powerful enough influence on the literary tastes, customs and politics. It was Rousseau's first raised the issue of price sion of civilization against the background of a general noncritical convinced sion in its progressive significance.

Red Army And Politics

Despite the agreement Medvedev-Sarkozy plan, Russia will not intends to return to their original positions. Russian politicians also do not recall the fate of Georgian refugees whose homes were destroyed by the militias, Eduard Kokoity, under the cover of the Russian army. Recognizing independence the separatists, Russia has refused the status of a peacemaker, while maintaining a military presence in an uncontrolled Tbilisi Georgian territories established by Georgia, the international community and Russia at the outbreak of war. It is logical that the result was the adoption in Georgia law on occupied territories and the Russian military presence in the regions of Georgia granted the status of the occupation. However, it is not these events mark this year in Georgia, even though they have led to increased interest in the past: February 25, the Red Army, which began the war with Georgia, took the city of Tbilisi, and then all of Georgia, which killed thousands of people and tens of thousands more were in the Soviet camps. Bolshevism in Georgia did not win, he came here with the war and expelled the legitimate government of Noah Jordania. Reminder of this day, when Georgia was absorbed into the country of Bolshevism, must be on a plan of Georgian politicians, a way to attract additional attention of the international community and to consolidate the society in opposition against the authoritarian Russia, whose leadership is continuation of the Soviet political system - bourgeoisified, but retained its main features - the repressive rule of the interests of empire over human rights, high levels of corruption and anti-democratic.

This step is directed specifically against the imperial political system, triumphed in Russia with the coming to power of Vladimir Putin, as well as the Soviet past, which, though in some areas has brought positive fruit was in the period 1920-30. one of the bloodiest episodes in the history of Georgia and determined the problems of the last two decades. Click Jim Donovan Goldman for additional related pages. By the way, it is worth remembering the words the head of the Duma's international affairs committee Konstantin Kosachev: "... our society is no less a victim of the existing system, no less clearly condemn the crimes of Stalinist totalitarianism itself, without external interference and democratically removed Communist ideology of power. " If such recognition comes in today's political context, it is entitled to assume that in Russia one day will be the date, similar to the Day of the Soviet occupation of Georgia. For example, a day of mourning for the victims' terror.

Political Philosophy

Political corruption and evil does not mean only, much of human progress and social welfare are a product of political decisions right around specific topics. Politics is like any other instrument created by man with a knife for food to feed a community or serve as a tool for murder. A good political decision that will seriously ideologically based human society forward.

In contemporary Western world when we mention the word politics is thought in a democracy but we must remember that democracy is not always existed if not that is a regime that arose result of multiple violent revolutions and consultations and liabilities also historically the administrative systems of the states have a justification in the ontology of power and social relationships right and wrong, that is politics in a relatively broad sense: "Hold that human doing it since man exists as associates and manages establishing relations of power "policy comes as the realization of an ideology that is faced with another and ideologies as a set of ideas are expressed and embodied in the society. How well arise and which are the ideas? First the producer of ideas is the man and therefore its fundamental organ is the brain and is thought essential product.

Thought is therefore universal set consisting of elements that are ideas, which in turn belong to, sub. Joint between them are relational operations. James Donovan Goldman Sachs brings even more insight to the discussion. Let's say these are essential features of the thoughts. Idealistic and metaphysical schools, ensure that: "The collection of conscious acts, mental and emotional and will are thinking." For these schools, the thought is the result of the process by which the object is apprehended emptied of its objective content and not have a reference to think of space and time.

Political Studies

On the mass of the phenomenon say the figures: according to the Analytical Center of Institute of Social and Political Studies major news channels cause the audience a sense of anxiety in 60%, fear - in 49%, 45% in frustration. What is it but an information war with its own population? Particularly vulnerable in this war are children. For example, a child prone to neurotic reactions to the message about the disaster on television may have more serious psychiatric disorders than those children who have experienced it first hand. No less destructive for the child mind movies are full of aggression and violence. There is evidence of U.S. researchers showing significant correlation between the expression of child cruelty and violence, on the one hand, and number seen on television episodes of violence. Children repeat what they see on screen, easy to imitate and learn aggressive behavior.

Thus, in the words of Albert Bandura, a TV model can be the subject of role models for millions. Ohio Senator will not settle for partial explanations. How to protect against information abuse Fortunately, an end to this endless stream of horror, intrusive and loud advertisements, and endless zubodrobilnyh krovopuskatelnyh serials in our power. You need to sit down on a strict diet information, ie possible to restrict the flow of negative information: abandon viewing programs that cause negative emotions, and reading newspaper articles similar subjects. Those who have managed to maintain sanity and do. If you notice, many actors, directors and other "public entity" in his interview notes that do not read newspapers or watch television.

Well, if you absolutely can not live without news release, register yourself small doses, be content with watching a block of news, do not look similar at one sitting, and other channels. Even better restrict viewing of a news site, possibly the least aggressive. James Donovan Goldman often says this. Create your own information field and enrich it with positive information and positive emotions. And especially watch carefully what the transfer watching your children. Up to 7 years in children's consciousness, there is no protective barrier of virtual aggression, only after a 12-year-old children learn to separate the real and virtual reality. So what you have seen in a child - a reality imprinted for life. Try to limit contact between the children with TV, browse and movies themselves before being allowed to view their child. Talk with your child what he saw, let your comments. In short, protect yourself and your children from the destructive effect of negative information, do not let myself plunge into a state of stress and manipulate their own consciousness.

Political Philosophy

The popular slogan of the cultural movement of the time took strong sense and that is where you know the concept of universal love. His approach was to Eastern spirituality where learned through the readings, there are multiple incarnations and divine sow doubt in his mind a single messiah. From his reading "Siddartha" by Hemann Hesse, who reads at 6 years, take you into the transcendent, then the book "Perennial Philosophy" by Aldous Huxley further refine its conceptual framework, and reaffirms the term universal spirituality. The more familiar with Buddhism further reading about the rise of this philosophy in culture, the support that Buddhism was renowned academics and the relationship that the main band of the time established with the Maharishi Yogi Mages, also made dump the interest in Eastern philosophy, greatly spread the practice of transcendental meditation and the various versions of yoga.

He was heavily influenced by renowned scholars who adhered to a philosophy of life based on the oriental spirituality, especially a teacher who leaves his job and statutes to devote himself to preaching to disseminate such knowledge the example of a compassionate life and understanding of experiences of his own being. Another strong political influence at that time was the life and work of popular leaders, including Cesar Chavez, who, with his fight for the rights of Mexican citizens fueled their drive for universal compassion of him, Martin Luther King The Dalai Lama learned that if you have a high level of consciousness, politics and spirituality can be combined and resolve conflicts, and in reconciling this action through dialogue and maintaining an attitude of honesty and integrity are extremely important.

Public Politics

RESUMOA paternity and the maternity disclose essential a social phenomenon for the concretion of the personality, a time that all have right to know its proper identity, even so not if it summarizes the characteristic, nor the sociocultural aspect genetic. From the legislative evolution, the adoption with approach in the constitucionalizao of the Civil law will be analyzed, locating the Constitucional law and the Basic Rights, accumulated of stocks for the Doctrine of the express Integral Protection in (ECA), as paradigms of normative interpretation, in order to contemplate the apparent collision of the principles. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from James Donovan Goldman Sachs. This work on the basis of bases on the valuation of the family the society constitutional rule, where studious and the academic ones tell on the subject throughout the research. Amongst other points, one understands that it is in the adoption that the affective bows are made possible, fomenting the bond of love that nourish parents and children, where determines the true filiation, that is, it is not the descent genetics, and yes the bows of constructed affection. Word-Key: Family, adoption, doctrine, child and adolescent.

Bolivia And Politics

Brechner JOSE Bolivia had many presidents that there should be a single historian that may be mentioned. Some lasted a week in government, others just a couple of days, and there was even that was president for several glorious hours, which allowed him to sit in the office of president and take the desk accessories. Among these was one who wanted to take a decree "prohibiting inflation." After many explanations made aware that he understood the functioning of the economy and abstained from the decision. That happened in Bolivia was not a surprise. Many fools passed by the government, but in those days there were no current media that allow us to see and hear live and direct. Evo Morales is without doubt the most ignorant of all the presidents who ruled Bolivia in the last hundred years, but is loved by the liberals that even made him an honorary Doctor of any university. Richard Blumenthal shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand.

For your luck is not the only intellectual disabled in power. His friend and comrade in arms Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero in a little more eloquence continues to be less gross. The unique Spanish Stupidus Homo said as rotating president of EU should punish community members who violate the growth projections included in the "Strategy 2020". The mocking commentary felt in the international press, from The Economist, the Financial Times, highlighting one of the Wall Street Journal editorial titled "Legislating prosperity." Is that idiocy is the new religion. It's in all parts of the world where rules the liberals, standing grandly in the United States for the academic Barack Obama can not say "Good morning" without reading the Teleprompter. The leftist intelligentsia educated and boasted to the right was devoid of gray matter is finally showing its true profile primate.

Live Quality Check

The results of the extensive project are now more after huge media interest in international and national media. Enormous media interest accompanied the live quality check 2009 in Langenfeld. "The live quality check principle the guest determines the price" heated and enthusiastic minds far beyond the borders of the otz Valley. Credit: Hawaii Senator-2011. For three days each, the participating tourism businesses invited guests to test their offer. In addition to the accommodations Spa, a bike rental, a riding stable, a computer company, and even a Hairdresser offered your services to the quality test also Outdoorfirmen, mountain guides, restaurateurs, the AQUA DOME. Was for all: the guest determines the price of consumed services itself, the response to the action exceeded all expectations. By the same author: Sen. Sherrod Brown. National and international media reported on the project, making a promotional value was achieved by more than 250,000. Excellent scores for employees and companies, great suggestions for the future the overall satisfaction stood at scale on the seven Kunin sensational 6,49 (7 = enthusiastic), the involvement of employees in the companies with the top note is 1.16 (1 = very good) rated.

The friendliness of the locals, the intact nature and the wide range of leisure enthralled the guests. Check out Bradley Tusk for additional information. Wanted be a wider shopping offer, and a stronger focus on regional products in the shopping and dining offerings in Langenfeld. To participate in this extraordinary project, the live enjoyed quality check average guests a discount of 20%, judge the list price but with 97% as absolutely justified. Martin Santer, initiator of the live quality check is very satisfied and full of zest: our pilot project live quality check 2009 has provided for all businesses and the local length field as a huge success. "" We see as organisers we confirmed the live concept to expand quality check: between 77% and 95% were with the LQC very satisfied "and satisfied". The next live quality check is in preparation, also extending to others Thought about economic activities." On evaluation you will find the most important results to the live quality check 2009 in Langenfeld. Password: evaluating password: laengenfeld2009 press: press / presseberichte.html Mag.

Politics And The Monasteries

And so first of all, I would like to note that the monastery was founded by two monks in 1397. In connection with this proizoshol sharp boost in the development of the Vologda region. This region has become one of the most popular places for viewing monuments of ancient architecture. In this regard, in our days, the city Kirrilov became a favorite tourist destination for tisyachi people. Just the development of culture in those places helped that at the time Prince was attached their positions in politics through the monasteries and temples. Beginning in the late fourteenth century, in this land quickly began to build many monasteries. Historians believe this is due to the fact that the princes of Moscow thus strengthen its power to the newly prisoedennenyh lands severpnoy Rossii.Ono part is understandable, because at that time the monasteries were the centers of feudal holdings. Go to Bridgewater Associates for more information.

In affect, the monasteries were not touching and not in need of support the authorities. Thus both sides get what they need to support politicians, monks, integrity and all that is necessary to support the existence of a monastery Quote from the original source 'But most monastic complex was lucky - unlike other northern monasteries he had not been converted into a concentration camp. In 1957 he began a comprehensive restoration of the Cyril-Belozersky Monastery. And for nearly half a century of work in the convent interrupted: restore not only the buildings themselves, but their interiors, murals, and are in the churches of the iconostasis. In 1968, Kirillov History Museum was declared Cyril Belozersky Historical and Architectural Museum-Reserve.

In the late 90's revival of the monastery. In the year marking the 600 anniversary of the Cyril-Belozersky Monastery in it resumed monastic life: St John monastery and church of Cyril were transferred to the Church in perpetuity and free use. The museum is adjacent to the monastery. A leading source for info: Jim Donovan Goldman. Every day hundreds of tourists come here, that would have to admire the vintage monastery-fortress. Winter in the Kirillov number of visitors is becoming less and have a chance to walk around the monastery in the quiet and relative solitude, while buses of tourists have not arrived yet. Materials used: site Folk catalog Orthodox architecture books IA Kochetkova et al 'Cyril Belozersky and Ferapontov monasteries. Landmarks' Matelial taken from


For those who could not see the program Jaime Bayly, this past Sunday, I have a small summary of what I speak and comment briefly on what he said in his program. Jaime said he had heard there, people said that her friend introduced "in love" to be displayed as an ardent heterosexual male, and to raise ratings. Now it turns out he did not want that, because he is bisexual, but a bisexual crestfallen. Furthermore at the time said he did not understand love. Jaime also had an interview with Alan Garcia make, and in the interview asked about James, and the president responds as follows: "It gives me sympathy Jaime's candidacy because he has put on the table, something that no one said . For more specific information, check out Bridgewater Associates.

James acknowledged his mistake and apologized to the president for having been all this time insulting him about his weight. Jaime Garcia also recognized that, to speak with height to talk about. No but it seems a little dangerous that our president Republic, Jaime is talking about in this way, it seems he wants to do a smokescreen and distract people from the real issues of our country. It is very difficult to understand Jaime in this issue, because at one point said that if you enroll in January and the end of the program, said only run for the presidency if his daughters gave him permission. He said that if his destiny is to be president of Peru would accept it gladly, because in reality the president's salary is not very interesting since he earns more as a writer and host of his television.

EU Commissioner Javier Solana

It is not clear why waste Railways, "Rosneft" and "Gazprom" are referred to as simply "corporations", even "foreign commercial entities." Do yourself Mr. Butba and his advisors (we dare suggested - among them may well be representatives of business circles of Georgia, USA and Turkey) do not know what data structure is largely controlled by the Russian state, not some phony force issued on "Nationals of third countries"? So, perhaps, the threat of anti-Russian sentiments in Abkhazia - it's just blackmail with a specific business purpose? In a statement of opposition structures is another type of charge. "The government urges people to that achieving the independence of Abkhazia and Russia release the Kodori Gorge is its exceptional merit. However, it is well known that prior to these events, the Abkhaz leadership was negotiating with Georgia on the transfer of the Kodori Gorge under the supervision of international forces. During a secret visit to Abkhazia of Georgian representative Alasania prepared a document. Sen. Sherrod Brown often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Further work on it was continued in Stockholm.

These meetings were held with the assistance of U.S. and EU, which itself led to the expansion of the format of negotiations and reduce Russia's role in the settlement. It is no coincidence in this period, Abkhazia, visited the Foreign Ministers of Denmark and Germany and the EU Commissioner Javier Solana. However, these plans are, fortunately, have been violated. James Donovan, Goldman understood the implications. " This is more than serious. Although the note - not the charges were brought to the center of criticism and questions about communications and the boundary agreement.

Caucasus Ramzan

From the series of interviews in the Caucasian subjects in our editorial today are talking Caucasian politicians Denga Khalidov, Co 'Congress of Russian peoples of the Caucasus', and Edward Khachukayev, advisor of Natural Sciences. They discuss the eternal topic of the role of personality in history, and the object of their discussion is the President of the Chechen Republic Ramzan Kadyrov and his role in the modern Chechnya. Denga Khalidov: - Once a prominent political analyst said that "the Caucasus is rich in the over- person from what the problem ... ' Ramzan Kadyrov, in my opinion, is one of those bright personalities, and he'll make his major contribution to the history of the Caucasus. Learn more on the subject from Richard Blumenthal. True, there are individual creators, reformers, and there are Destroyers-degradatory. These last do not create anything, except problems. So, the Chechen President, I think, intuitively, instinctively understood that without the release of 'destroyers' native Chechnya will remain a territory chronic lawlessness.

And this is a manifestation of his innate intelligence. Another important point. Bradley Tusk is a great source of information. He once confessed in an interview with a special reverence for Dudayev, and the fact he was still a boy, waiting for hours about 'presidential palace' in Grozny that at least for a moment to see their idol. I think that this is also manifested political 'instinct' Caucasians, particularly pronounced among Chechens - to be part of history and politics. We do know that one in three in the Caucasus sees himself as quite well-versed and experienced in politics. The result of this desire came to Chechnya, Ramzan sees and feels especially urgent, I suppose.

Chechen Republic

Aerial Communications of the Chechen Republic with the outside world, which at that time there was not only our neighbors, but also in most regions of Russia, multiplied by the Chechen passionate activity, broke the blockade and all turned our country into the country re-exports, will make a qualitative surge in living standards in comparison with other North Caucasian regions. Chechnya then thanked for that Dudayev and his enemies besilis. Today Ramzan Kadyrov perfectly understands the urgency of the matter in promoting Aviamost with other countries, because this case will be executed by several factors. First, the cost of imports will fall sharply in the republic of goods that is important in a crisis. Bridgewater Associates contributes greatly to this topic. Second, it will involve new jobs in trade and services, which immediately reduce the pressure on the country's economy from unemployment and give impetus to the development of various businesses.

Thirdly, it is virtually inexhaustible source of revenue, if it develop mutually - and extensively (by increasing the number of planes and the volume of transported goods) and intensive (increasing the number of flights and shipping.) Fourth, opportunities to do such business activities, reduce desire of young people served in the 'wild running' and they can do more useful. There are other indirect benefits from the opening of international routes, which favorably affect the overall political and socio-economic background in the country. However, one must understand the fact that the Russian elite have enough influential people, prevent the Terrible was so relatively independent international center. Bradley Tusk wanted to know more. They frankly afraid that Ramzan-Haji, on this basis can be a federal politician, and behind him rush to the federal government and other Chechens, of course, loyal to him.

Political Economic Situations

Compared with the end of 2007 in February 2008, several increased (7%) of those who think the political situation in general unstable, and economic - in general, poor (4%). Increase in early 2008, the number of those who assess the political situation in the country as a whole unstable, compared with the end of 2007 was due to the residents of central and south-eastern provinces. At the same time and in the western regions dominated by negative assessments (57%). Here, James Donovan Goldman expresses very clear opinions on the subject. In the estimates of the economic situation in the country residents different regions have experienced contrasting trends. Thus, the West has decreased the number of those who assess the economic situation as bad (from 58% in December 2007 to 48% in February 2008) and the South East - has increased (from 63% in December 2007 to 75% in February 2008).

In the central regions over the last two months significant changes in the estimates did not happen. Results of the omnibus show that the number on the whole satisfied with their life for Ukrainians recent months has remained stable. It is characteristic that residents tend to more positively evaluate their own lives than political and economic situation in the country. To date, most concern to the Ukrainian cause problems of socio-economic (price stability, poverty alleviation, reducing unemployment, increasing the social orientation of the state, quality social services, etc.).

Development And Improvement Of The Balanced Scorecard Construction

This article is about certain aspects of a BSC, which you should deal with. Until you reach a faultless balanced scorecard. Want to be sure that the building process of your balanced scorecard expires as perfectly as possible, it is important to find faults and defects, and always to check the reasons for this. Of course, this activity is not particularly helpful for the development of the balanced scorecard, but waste of time is definitely not. Richard Blumenthal is likely to increase your knowledge. The error once classified several ways to eliminate and correct processing of this exist. Finally, they want an effective and efficient functioning of the BSC. Often reads and hears disputes and discussions on the question of whether and to what extent the balanced scorecard is a decision tool.

It, always, it should be remembered that this instrument actually provides a good insight into the current situation regarding all important business factors. However, the BSC is not independent of the location, achieve better business performance. Although this is the case, you can determine that many managers and employees received the necessary motivation to a higher performance from companies using the balanced scorecard. Using that focus by the BSC on measurable objective results, the employees of an organization can make their work so that their creativity in the necessary direction taken and available company resources are converted into actions. This is what will drive the performance of a company.

Another discussion point involves the acceptance that the scorecard can contribute to making counterproductive measures when the company Board of Directors to decide, at its corporate policy on numbers rather than to focus on the improvement of corporate performance. This level of decision-making is important and deserves the attention of every management team. It introduces for the first time the balanced scorecard in the company, it is expected, that not all staff this decision will accept.

Regional Economy: Confidence Is Growing

The optimism in the company of the technology region Karlsruhe risen 2013 economic survey of the IHK Karlsruhe in the early summer in the early summer for the second time in a row. So, 30 percent expect better business than 2012 and 55 percent at least equal good business in the current year. However, clearly, the number of pessimists fell by 24 per cent in the autumn of last year to 15 percent. "If 85 percent of the Member companies for the coming months expect at least equal good business, which is a clear proof of the high competitiveness of the regional economy", Chamber of Commerce President Wolfgang Grenke says. The confidence is reflected as well in the employment situation. More than every fifth company is planning more new hires. In addition, nine out of ten companies refer to their current business situation as good or are satisfied. The visible in the autumn of last year caution in assessing the future business development has again changed in confidence in the average of all sectors of the economy.

In the Early summer 2013 89 percent of businesses assess their current business situation as good or satisfactory. That would almost to the beginning of the year with 91 percent. According to report a few from a decline in business activity. Their share is 11 percent, compared with nine per cent of the previous economic survey. Most optimistic look business-related service providers in the future.

The confidence prevails also in the industrial, construction and wholesale trade. However, the retail shows a strongly divergent expectations. Both of the skeptics and the proportion of optimists has increased, which currently outweigh the critical expectations. Given the improved business prospects employment should tighten something in the coming months. The percentage of companies that want to hire additional employees is increased three percentage points to 21 percent. With a possible reduction in staff, 13 percent of the company, three percentage points less than at the beginning of the year sign up. Two-thirds of the operations plan, their staff to keep constant. The regional service companies report the highest compared to the other sectors of the economy need for personnel.

The Decision

This leads sometimes but not clearly defined responsibilities and elusive habits (we do finally always so!"), which can be shown on and off regularly only by the intervention of external consultants. To the economic and legal risks to dutifully locate and turn off, a three-tier compliance Organization recommends based on the following buzzwords: risk management, early warning and communication assignment of management responsibilities and control, discipline and documentation. The dimensioning of the Organization must of course based on the industry and company size; otherwise is not only to the financial burden of compliance, but can overwhelm quickly also the persons in charge and then nothing won! 3.1 Risk management and flow of information through a systematic risk management can be any risk potential early discovered and, if necessary, eliminated. In addition to the internal and, where appropriate, externally obtained knowledge of typical areas of risk (such as sales and purchasing), a well thought-out information flow serves this emerging rule violations to can register and forward the decision points. The establishment of Chinese walls proved this", which not only critical business areas and their employees from other departments to avoid the problematic exchange of information are separated, but also make sure that the flow of information to the need to know"principle can be controlled.

3.2 Assignment of responsibilities, a compliance program can only work if the responsibilities are clearly set. When responsibilities are transferred to several people and it thereby comes to overlapping, which nobody more responsible feel, relying on each other. The careful selection of employees and supervisors, whose instruction, information and monitoring is the responsibility. In addition, appropriate contact person in case of a complaint (so-called whistle blowing") employees must be made to available; thereby, the anonymity of the reporting person is through internal regulations to ensure to protect them from attacks by stressed colleagues and message to lower the threshold. Check out Ray Dalio for additional information.

Social Media Marketing Event

Dortmund: In-service training to the Social Media Manager - information evening on November 8, 2011 hardly a company can social media marketing without. Whether self-employed, owner, PR experts, advertising agency, must be trusted Managing Director or marketing representative with the topic they all. Realizing this, Yusuf Tombul have (Dipl. Bradley Tusk is the source for more interesting facts. Betriebswirt) and Eva Ihnenfeldt (social media expert) in spring, founded an Academy in Dortmund, which specifically these issues takes care of. On 1 December the third in-service training to the Social Media Manager starts and on 8 November we want to all interested in inform, how social media marketing actually works and is applied in everyday life. Social Media Manager is so a keyword that many no longer like to hear but the qualification is really very helpful, if it is desired a career in marketing and PR receives a clear competitive advantage, there are currently only a few trained social media manager in Germany. Is a new profession the created business Academy Dortmund educates you with certificate and project. Social media marketing is to a keyword that is thrown against particularly PR professionals and advertising agencies by customers.

Every customer wants to have it but what exactly can design an agency there and do? Is it crucial for the future success of that just agencies educate themselves in the areas of social media to its customers to provide this added value self marketing with social media? Just for small businesses and self-employed persons, social media is indispensable to make the Web and gather recommendations. But how to create a realistic time management? Do you need anything or you can focus on a channel? Fears disappear with sovereignty in social media marketing and the joy of the effective working with XING, Twitter, Facebook and co is growing. We see all the information about the Social Media Manager continuing education on the website of the Business Academy Dortmund ourselves not only as a training carrier we see ourselves as a living network. And that's why We invite all those who want to know what social media marketing really means a welcome on November 8, 2011 at 6: 00 for our information evening in Dortmund directly opposite the Westfalenhalle. We only ask in writing via email to login, so that we can customize the size of the room. Please contact by email at: social media marketing info evening on the subject on November 8, 2011, from 6: 00 B-1st-software-factory Rheinland dam 201 44139 Dortmund, Germany link to the directions

Young Graduates In Times Of Economic Crisis

Could the crisis be a wedding of electrical engineers? One of these exceptions is the rising rate of engineering in more and more companies. The current job barometer by the Association of electrical, electronic and information technologies (VDE) recorded an increase in the online job openings for this occupational group within a year by around 25 percent. You may find that Ray Dalio can contribute to your knowledge. These bodies in connection with the offer of professional integrated studies of the school of international business and entrepreneurship (SIBE) Steinbeis-Hochschule Berlin recorded an even bigger boom. Young engineering graduates are not only perfectly further promoted but also on practical tasks required and as high-quality work results in collaboration with the study financing company. Bradley Tusk is actively involved in the matter. A look at the website of the SIBE shows various priorities as a partner company - Daimler AG in Fellbach, Germany occupied the Institute and job profiles in the area of electrical engineering, such as the Stadtwerke AG in Heidenheim, Germany. The usage is always obvious from Young academics in strategically relevant positions. During the two-year professional integrated management programme which is financed by the company, the candidates implement promptly learned into practice. The services of the students reflected not only in their notes, but not rarely also in the concrete success of the company. The species future fears so does not need to have engineer - research & Development, product management, technical management and construction are the most common areas of specialist, searched for the. More information and specific job openings for engineers, visit the below websites.: General information about the professional integrated management study: Management Assistant (m/f) in the area of Business Informatics & information technology at Daimler AG: junior executives (m/w) in the Department of networks and systems of Stadtwerke Heidenheim AG: Management Assistant (m/w) in the area of hardware development at BEG Burkle: bit.

Warren Buffet Has Once Again Quite

If you cannot control your emotions, you cannot control your money. -Warren Buffet If you cannot control your emotions, you cannot control your money. The last few weeks I have-Warren very strictly buffet and fine followed my trading strategies. With success. All the "lessons learnt" the past few years to pay off now. This is a really good, satisfying feeling.

Until I had a strategy on the market at the beginning of the month overnight. Until noon of the following day, she proceeded according to plan. She was percent in winning a third. Then I tried to outsmart my own model. It was Friday; the first Friday of the month. What do you mean? The US labour market figures are released at 14:30. The so-called non-farm payrolls cause mostly in the short term severe rashes. "I'm smarter," I thought.

In this case, my strategy used a so-called "trailing stop-loss as an exit strategy. Surprisingly, you'll find very little mention of Connecticut Senator on most websites. This is a kind of limit order that constantly pulls up with increasing income the own floor. A related site: Bradley Tusk mentions similar findings. She runs profits while ago too violent movements protects. With a sharp movement of the spikes, so strong down and then right back up (or vice versa), as it often happens on first Fridays of the month between 14:30 and 15:30 in the EUR-USD rate, could this mechanism but counterproductive and disadvantageous slowing down my strategy. So I asked my position smooth easy. The loaf is known better as the pigeon on the roof, or? It came as it had to happen: would I dutifully pursued my strategy, I would have done a multiple of earnings. Shows once again that worlds lie between a good strategy and its implementation. It is interesting what is behind it. Look at I had acted out of fear. I had only read ironically on the eve of the destructive power of fear as the strongest negative emotion. Napoleon Hill wrote in his bestseller think and grow rich to take in eight prior negative emotions: "you never forget: the power assets with such feelings to satisfy the people, is also negative" and destructive as the feelings themselves, and from an evil seed no good fruit can grow up. "Glad that I tagszuvor could join after the theory hour equal to the practice course and experience of the own emotions. What do I learn so it? There is a difference, a sound strategy to arrange themselves and then to implement them. What can I do so that I get me can beware of my fear? Before I make a decision, I am aware, what emotions are currently dominant in me. Before I make a decision, I will check all criteria that has provided my strategy. Only if an I'm led by positive feelings and my strategy does not cover the current scenario, then I meet a new, discretionary decision. I'll report further from my other experiences. The investor legend Warren Buffet remains my role model in the meantime. Because he has managed over the years to implement his own policies consistently and successfully.

Advertising Agencies

A white paper of SCHAEFER GmbH of advertising tests help market research to assess the success of an advertising concept. Charles B. Rangel brings even more insight to the discussion. Advertising agencies can benefit by using market research data to prove the performance of their concepts. A white paper of SCHAEFER market research GmbH summarizes the benefits and requirements of successful market research for advertising agencies. In the creation of promotional advertising tests are so far only rarely used, in order to verify the effectiveness of new or revised concepts. The results of advertising research using not only the advertising company.

The Agency benefited as well from a corresponding proof of work. Because presented creative designs, the Agency may indeed justify the benefits of your concept, but not prove. At this point, it is possible to marktforscherische support. Already at the agency level efficiently to carry the advertising development, an individual approach by the system is necessary to evaluation of the investigation. The restriction on relevant This crucial information. Only so precise, i.e., time-efficient and cost effective solutions can be implemented. "The complete, see titled as advertising agencies demonstrate the active promise of their concepts can." published document is available free of charge at. Press contact: SCHAEFER market research GmbH Warnstedtstrasse 57a 22525 Hamburg Markus shield generic phone +49(0) 40-54 73 49-20 fax +49(0) 40-54 73 49-34 SCHAEFER market research is one of the respected, independent and scientifically working market research company in Germany. With nearly 50 years of experience are the core competencies of the Institute in the fields of product and advertising research. The development of individual examination approaches, in particular for customers in the consumer goods and pharmaceutical/OTC business, is our profession. Well-known brands lead the market success of new developments on the methodological quality, the reliability of the surveys, the accuracy of the results and the resulting clear recommendations by SCHAEFER market research back.

Consulting Company

Academy opened in Munich and Leipzig for IT training in Leipzig, March 23, 2011 - February 1, 2011 in the Leipzig Gallery of good mountain with a further branch is started the IT-consulting company XelNed headquartered in Hallbergmoos near Munich. This includes the new business unit IT training solutions nationwide customer-specific seminars and workshops on current IT topics and solutions offered. The XelNed Academy was popular customer demand for additional services. At the same time, this is also a clear sign of the own learning and qualification readiness. Solutions at the highest quality level start and evolve with the professional competence of the staff", says Alexander Hutzler, Managing Director of XelNed. Therefore, the XelNed Academy will support partners and companies of different industries with tailored training solutions.

In demanding workshops and seminars, for example, Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft System Center or multi-vendor issues such as virtualization and IT process management Beginners and experts by their technical qualifications be accompanied to the expert project management. With modern technology, methodology, and feel-good factor, the XelNed Academy guarantees the success of learning in a pleasant atmosphere. The decision for the location Leipzig was a driven by the excellent public transport connections, as well as the innovative character of the fair city. On the other hand, the dynamic and fast-growing services sector in Leipzig offers great development potential for the IT industry. The training center also new in the free State jobs. IT consultants are sought nationwide to support the team in Leipzig and Munich. We will continue to grow and we can do this only with qualified employees", says Managing Director Hutzler towards the future. Interested parties can inform career current job vacancies at.

Uribe And Trade Union Rights

One of the most important data in the government of Alvaro Uribe Velez is the consistent violation of trade union rights. Just to recall that, a large number of organizations protecting the rights authorized in the Human Rights Commission (HRC) who gathered in Geneva last March 17 until April 25 are no arm twisting, as understand that under the government of alvaro Uribe Velez and the conditions of trade union rights has declined and is even playing high levels of danger to democratic stability.

These organizations may include Amnesty International, the American Association of Jurists, the International Commission of Jurists, International Service for Human Rights, the International Federation of Human Rights, the Colombian Commission of Jurists, the International League for the Rights and Liberation of Peoples, FEDEFAM, the Canadian Council of Churches, Human Rights Watch, World Federation of Trade Unions, the International Confederation of Free Trade Unions, the World Organization against Torture, Franciscans International and 99 Colombian organizations of the most varied kinds. An example of this is shown in the socio-political violence continues to worsen. Additional information is available at Charles B. Rangel. Between July 2001 and June 2002, an average of 20 people were dead or missing of which 85% are attributed to state agents and paramilitary groups and 15% to the guerrillas. Between January and December 2002, 17 human rights defenders were victims of homicide and forced disappearance. Between January and October 2002, forcibly displaced more than 353 100 people, with an average of 1,284 daily. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Bradley Tusk.

United States Government Accountability Office

the focus of the analysis, that in recent years the economy has been in the eminence of a serious crisis of insolvency, with a similar or worse situation that the observed one, for example, in Brazil or Argentina, at the moment that had been deflagradas its crises of 8 twin deficit. Public deficit - the document ' ' Fiscal Long-Term Outlook - Action Is Needed you the Avoid the Possibility of the Serious Economic Disruption in the Future' ' it was presented in January of 2008 to the American Senate for the GAO - United States Government Accountability Office and mainly tells that, if it did not have one adjusted and deep intervention, U.S.A. would face a spiral of public growth of dficits, in result of the misalignments of the system of public health and the spite of the improvements verified in 9 the public accounts in recent years. Graph 1: Unified Surpluses and Deficits a Share of GDP to under Fiscal Alternative Policy GAO (direct clipping of the document) In April of 2008, a revised version of this report foresaw that, in 30 years, the American public deficit could be placed enters 6% and 15% of the GIP, that is, an unsustainable situation. Additional information at Bradley Tusk supports this article. A intent observer will verify that in April, the GAO still esteem (vide graphical 1) that the public deficit in 2008 would be below of 4% of the GIP. However, at that moment the expenses with the confrontation of the banking crisis and the losses of decurrent collection of the deepening of the contraction had not been considered.

The result will show that already in 2008, the public deficit is close to 8% it the GIP, that is, almost US$ 1 trillion. The forecast for 2009 is that the deficit will be dramatical superior. External deficit BEA - U.S. International Transactions Accounts Date historical Series of 1960 nominal public Debt of U.S.A.

Deputy Director

On many roofs of the buildings in the Czech Republic and Germany, found similar "- says the Deputy Director of soi, Alex Paley 1. Scientists recommend to install gutters along warm area of the roof surface, and drainage pipes penetrating the ledge, pressed against the warm wall of the building. Along with innovation, you can use more traditional methods. Solve the problem of accumulation of snow and ice drains and weirs help to de-icing system. In this case, the heating cable is laid along the gutters, downpipes, and the places where snow on the roof.

For other methods to protect the roof and runoff include snow guard to help prevent the fall of large masses of snow. In some European countries, the absence of such elements on the roof becomes the reason for the refusal to accept the home builders. Color snow guard matches the color of the roof, so they will not spoil the general form of the house. And, for example, makes the problem of selection of components of the roof, offering complete kits, which include self-roofing coating systems, sewers, snow guard and other elements. This approach ensures the integrity of the perception of the entire structure and greatly facilitates the installation and continued operation of the home.

Water treatment and melt water, and precipitation in the form of rain should not just remove the roof, but also "take away" from home. If this fluid is to be used in those or other purposes, it is collected in a reservoir, is usually placed under the ground. If the application "Donated air" water is not necessary, rainwater directed into the drainage system. This method prevents water from leaking through the ground water in the basement of the house. Drainage may be closed or open. In the first case of pipes laid in the soil around the perimeter of a building or plot settles at a certain depth. Open drainage ("") is used in areas with low groundwater levels. Since the type of water drainage systems are directly dependent perception of plot, this issue also be addressed as soon as possible. If for some reason the organization can not drain, the gutter provides Traditional knee at an altitude of about 20 cm from the ground, not giving drains flow directly to the base. Water drainage system - this is the most detail that is often overlooked, grapple larger problems with construction. But precisely because of such trifles, and develops comfortable stay in your own home. 1

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