Once he got accommodation in Mendoza, there is no apologies to not explore the tourist circuit of El Challao. The Challao is part of the greater Mendoza, is only 5 km away from the city, and is located in a gap between the San Martin Park and las Lajas lace. Cerro la Angostura, where various activities can be found there. The Challao is a beautiful place to walk, ride a bike, do mountain biking or trekking and horseback riding up. The place is widely developed to offer maximum comfort to tourists, with a drive-in, restaurants and discos and a magic carpet. One of the most beautiful points of the Challao is his sanctuary. It is an impressive amphitheatre for about 4000 people, dedicated to worship and the celebration of masses.

The building has about 90 by 45 m and its height is 65 m. It is dedicated to the devotion of our Lady of Lourdes, being a humble place where a small image of the Saint was in its origin. Was subsequently erected a small chapel, but Thanks to private donations, it was possible to construct this temple that undoubtedly is one of the most beautiful in the world. It is advisable to visit her on February 11, date in which the devotion to the Holy Virgin of Lourdes is celebrated. The more adventurous found in El Challao not only one of the most spectacular views of the region, with its almost 1600 m height, but that may pursue an activity that earns more followers: paragliding. Many companies providing the service of paragliding, with full support for those who want to deal with this attractive sport. For those who have no experience, but do not want to lose the fantastic sight bird's-eye having once it is in the air, it is possible to perform baptism flights accompanied by tandem paragliding.

According to experts, this is one of the safer for the practice of this activity zones, because low vegetation makes it possible for a landing with minimal risks. Another variant are night flights, especially on nights of full moon. The special microclimate of El Challao permits truly extensive flights, given the special conditions of the winds. Whoever has the good fortune to be stopping at one of the many good hotels in Mendoza, can not miss a visit to El Challao, one of the most beautiful sites of the greater Mendoza. Original author and source of the article.


Furthermore, it promotes rapid healing and reduction of scars in order to make the skin free from caption. Active Manuka Honey Bacteria and other contaminants may very well increase the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Active Manuka Honey has been proven to be an effective natural anti-bacterial by experts through their extensive research as well as potential skin healing properties. It is also an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent. This can help fight skin infection, speed up wound healing, and help the skin fight negative effects of external aging factors such as bacteria. Lanolin Lanolin helps moisturize the skin by creating a barrier to lock in moisture and prevent water from evaporating easily. It prevents the development of flaky dry skin especially in the areas prone to this such as the knees, elbos, and feet. Experts use lanolin to medically treat skin conditions such as abrasions, minor burns, and rashes.

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United Nations

These damages are near to reach irreversible levels. The world-wide authorities have begun to center their attention with preoccupation, towards these subjects, since evident Earth repercussions, pronouncing themselves through climatic changes and natural disasters are becoming. And the planet burns in fever trying to get rid of the infection of the humanity. Every year higher temperatures, the number of violent meteors, showed are had like hurricanes or storms, come in increase. Due to the weakening of the ozone layer (whose natural function is to protect to us of the solar radiation), as a result of the carbon emissions, the skin cancer is typified as most frequent. Then, how can the civilization continue with the technological developments that improve our quality of life, without affecting the environment? How to as much assure a continuous growth of the civilization, more equitable and egalitarian for all the humanity, as for the other species of the planet? The Organization of the United Nations, in the decade of 80 years s made famous, the concept of Viable Development (also known like sustainable development), defined by the World-wide Commission for the Environment and the Development, like " development that satisfies the needs with the present without jeopardizing the capacities that have the future own generations to satisfy their necesidades". Basically one is to obtain a growth, considering and controlling the indirect effect that can be generated, that is to say, not be focused solely in the economic objectives, but also in the effects collaterals. In other words, to understand that the aim does not justify the means, and that the way in which the diverse technological advances are obtained, economic and productive, does not have to harm in the way environmental nor social aspects, but on the contrary, they must go of the hand, reason why an advance in an area entails to advance in the others.


Would be nice to all of that take with it ahead of time is recorded in a notebook. Digressing from the topic, scientists Archaeologists have long found traces of repeated parking lot of soldiers at a distance of two-day transition from Moscow. Explained by the fact that after the big hike halt was made to caught himself in the organization forced to find parking shortages of equipment and correct errors in the beginning. Carefully collected deposit placed with the duplication (dispersal) and packed into Waterproof film is more likely to insure against unpleasant surprises. Sometimes it is not the worst option, when the line was left out of gear so bag hooks. Trifle (stock), I recommend rassovat pockets. Your Opportunities markedly , but still enough for fishing. Well, what if the sinker and float button of bark, but bite like.

No fishing line and hook, find the needle (to anneal at the stake), and dissolved the end of the nylon cord. The farther from civilization, the less fearful and unpretentious fish. When going on a hike, be prepared for the enormous complexity and will be easier to travel and will be more positive emotions. Simple Tricks and recommendations. Sleep in a sleeping bag is necessary in minimal clothes, changing his position as used in the home. Future turbulence ax fix before a trip, filling in the gaps between the ax and ax epoxy slowly pouring it. Place the tent with a view points of sunrise and the possibility of heating it.

Smart Sellers

At present it is necessary that business organizations have in their sales offices with intelligent service vendors in order to increase competitiveness and productivity minimum allowed to remain in the market. Although, it is common for vendors to measure their performance in meeting sales budgets, do not forget they are the ones who really have a permanent contact with customers and can meet other activities of great interest to the enterprise management in the design of strategies to keep their customers. Intelligence, technical way, is the ability to understand, comprehend and solve problems has three main components: the cognitive, emotional and social. Cognitive intelligence is developed through the study. You can do things only when they have knowledge about themselves and be aware of something to study. In terms of emotions, mutatis mutandis, the compare with the horses.

In a non-intelligently manage their emotions, these are like wild horses with severe behaviors, unmanageable, anxious ... As long as the person who develops their emotional intelligence, their attitudes are like horses, paso fino, courteous, refined, elegant. Social intelligence is one that allows us, humans, interact productively and harmoniously with other people and all environment components. Where human skills are the rulers of a balanced and pleasant life. It is vital for any company, smart marketers have formed an excellent job in its component cognitive attitudes reflecting well-managed control of his emotions, which are capable of objectively examined intrapersonal level, with government social relations benefit of themselves, their company, its customers, community and environment.

Today it is not appropriate to rely on vendors that are only dedicated to taking orders in a systematic and recurrent. The smart seller is bound to be a strategist, able to solve problems, to collect and analyze information, make decisions, provide support to your manager in the implementation of institutional policies, to manage their customers in a technical way to implement micro marketing mix in your area. Smart Sellers are not alien to the business management of your company.

Timber Protection

Standards for the protection requirements predyavlyaemy to formulations to protect the ends of wood from cracking and rotting indicated in the following regulatory documents: gost 26910 86 "Compositions, antiseptic waterproof protection ends Timber>> gost 9014.2-79 the timber large. Protecting weatherproof and waterproof, antiseptic compositions of the storage>> and German specialists, in turn, guided by the standards din 68 800, Protection of wood building construction>> which are further divided into preventive and proactive protection of wood materials and wood products. Protective measures when construction of wooden objects specialists use a variety of ways increase the durability of wood in all stages of the process: preparation and selection of timber, the definition of space under construction (for example to prevent dampness from the fog), the choice structural, architectural and planning decisions. To protect the wood from may include the following design solutions: the isolation of wood from earth, stone and concrete, specific channels for ventilation, protection of wood from the weather. When choosing a place podstroitelstvo must take into account the terrain, the presence of forests and water bodies, contributing to the development of the microclimate. It is important to ensure set of measures that could eliminate the possibility of moisture, because it is wet wood is a breeding ground for many species of fungi and insects.

Prevent cracking can be achieved by reducing evaporation of moisture from ends of the timber. The results of stacking lumber in a stack directly affect the quality of dried lumber. Height of pile strip should be laid vertically, one above another.

Middle Atlas

There, visitors will find another fantastic ski station, located at 1,800 meters of altitude, and can enjoy spectacular landscapes in the heart of the Middle Atlas. Those travelers who visit the mountain regions of Morocco will also find countless ravines and gorges along the whole territory, such as the famous gorges of the Todra Gorge (or Todgha), located near Tinghir. There are also a large number of births of pure and crystal clear water in environments a beauty dazzling, like the famous springs of Sidi Ali or Ain Allah.Por course, Lakes such as the Isli and Tislit, located in Imelshil, Errachidia, is also part of the spectacular mountainous landscape of Morocco, as well as its valleys, such as the magnificent Valley of Ourika, near Marrakech, or the Valley of Talouat, in the region of Ouarzazate. All these places are excellent examples of the charm and beauty of the Moroccan nature and visitors from these regions will be without a doubt seduced by its beauty in all seasons. Furthermore, Morocco enjoys a sunny and mild climate throughout the year, which offers to its visitors the opportunity to enjoy the great views of mountains snowfall during the winter and a warm weather during the summer.

In summary, you can say that the mountains in Morocco are almost perfect spaces, a true invitation to practice their favorite sports. Especially in Marrakech you can enjoy a fantastic occasion to explore the heart of the mountains of Morocco, where you'll enjoy the charm of the life in the mountains, so full of peace and fresh air, and where they will also delight in countless moments magical and romantic in the paradise of this land so it is time to come to discover the beauty of the mountains of Morocco, true masterpieces of nature. They are therefore invited to forget the stress of modern life and to be transported to a space of authenticity and joy.To visit the mountains of Morocco, the best choice for your accommodation is staying in Marrakech, of easy access and has excellent transport connections. There You will find all information, equipment and Council they will need for their rustic adventures. Once in the ochre city may stay in one of the stunning hotels in Marrakech or in one of the charming and typical riads in Marrakech. Also they may stay in one of the Super villas in Marrakech, closer to the natural wonders of this fascinating country.


At the moment, Mendoza has varied hotel services that they offer vast proposals, commercial as as much recreational. All with a quality on watch of international lodging. Generally, a hotel of Mendoza is located in centric zones, so that you will be able to be delighted concurring to the key points of commerce of the city. Within a hotel of Mendoza, you will be able to also award yourself with the diverse and splendid options on watch gastronomical with international quality that is combined with regional products of the province. You will be able to be delighted with sensational regional wines, artisan beers, graze of vegetables, fruits droughts, would delicatesen and sweet artisan. Regional crafts and products with an excellent presentation and quality, so that it will be able to buy gifts for his relatives or friendly being promoted the province that as much it gave him in the professional and/or personal trip.

The province of Mendoza counts on a temperate climate semidesert and it is characterized to own an extraordinary nature altogether woods to the beautiful view of mountain range, c on innumerable landscapes that will not have to stop visiting. In this sense it is that the province can be visited at any time of the year, without regreting. In each station you have varied options that will not stop surprising it. Of this form, it is possible to be said that the hotels of Mendoza will offer very diverse proposals to him that will be based on diversion and relaxation, that will obtain that you can stretch yourself as much professionally as personally. Doubtless you would count on a morning, a day and one night that will offer surprising options him, reason why will not have time to become bored and much less to be disappointed. This will offer to its visitors an extensive diversity them of options for its benefit; where the route by its pleasant tourist strolls will not defraud it. In this sense, or its reason for tourist or professional trip, this will not prevent him to realise the varied proposals that a hotel in Mendoza can provide to him.

This, also, will make the combination possible of the businesses with the pleasure. By this, his lodging in a hotel of Mendoza will make, it enjoy an pleasant tourist view; but also, it will offer one night him full of diversion so that you can stretch yourself without disadvantages. Also, by all means, you will be awarded by a unique comfort offered by the hotels of Mendoza, wonderful city in landscape. In particular, Mendoza with its luxurious hotels is an excellent option for its trip of businesses and also for the tourist one.

Changement Climatique Et La Réponse Politique Du Costa Rica

Rarement, un sujet a gardé l'humanité alors à respirer comme le changement climatique. Il est l'objet de nombreuses discussions, il est le problème et la tâche du XXIe siècle. Lorsque nous sommes inondés de messages, peine, une personne aussi complètement surplombe tous les effets des variations de température. Chaque augmentation de la température moyenne a une menace massive pour les diverses espèces dans le monde entier et particulièrement en Antarctique abouti. Une progression actuelle de température de 0,1 degré tous les dix ans, les conséquences pour la faune sont dans la glace elle-même.

Si la hausse de la température moyenne n'aura pratiquement aucun impact sur la flore et la faune, nos usines par les effets du changement climatique sont touchés : les tempêtes de plus en plus et les vagues de chaleur plus en plus croissantes peut avoir des conséquences prévisibles jusqu'à présent toujours pas exactement sur la végétation. Toutefois, la progression des déserts sur notre continent est une conséquence prévisible et désastreuse du réchauffement de la planète, tels que des experts dans un récent Rapport communiqué. La croissance du désert soi-disant, pâturage les pâturages se fait principalement par l'agriculture et le bétail est pris en charge par les sécheresses accrues, avec lequel nous devons lutter à l'avenir. Ce qui provoquera à un moment donné seront environ 50 millions de personnes de s'échapper du désert de leur maison. Dernier point mais non le moindre est la prolifération de maladies à mentionner est causée par le réchauffement climatique.

Il y a d'innombrables maladies dont, il est à craindre que l'augmentation de température favorise leur diffusion. L'une est la dengue, qui est transmise par les moustiques et qui peut tuer. Sur le continent américain, les conséquences du changement climatique ne passera pas inaperçu. Immigrants qui exploite un hôtel au Costa Rica, Guanacaste et y vivent depuis plus de 15 ans, les rapports d'un important changement de la pluie et saisons sèches. Ainsi, fin octobre, avant de brusquement mis fin à la saison des pluies. Aujourd'hui, il n'est pas rare qu'elle aussi au début de l'année à Précipitation de l'entrée. La question se pose de nouveau pour une solution, si l'on considère les faits quant aux effets du changement climatique à l'esprit. Nombreuses discussions, notamment au cours du sommet du G8 à Heiligendamm ne fourni aucune solution directe, même si elle est consciente de la situation et les efforts ne pas être évitée. Le Costa Rica est avant tout ambitieux objectifs. Le Président Oscar Arias Sánchez dit que Costa Rica devrait être un pays neutre de CO2 en l'an 2021. Cela devrait être fait par la fermeture de centrales électriques au charbon et la promotion des voitures à propulsion hybride. Aussi la question du secteur agricole et industrielle devrait être réduite. Les petites victoires de pays latino-américains quatre cinquièmes de son énergie plus loin aujourd'hui de l'énergie hydroélectrique. En outre, plus de la moitié du pays une forêt relève, ce qui permet de lier le carbone de l'air. Un quart de cette région est une réserve naturelle, de nombreuses pièces qui sont trouvent dans Guanacaste au nord-ouest du Costa Rica. Plusieurs messages sont le site pour trouver des nouvelles de Costa Rica. Lauréat de prix Nobel de la paix Oscar Arias Sánchez a récemment développé un programme nommé ¨Frieden avec le Natur¨, le réglage complet des émissions de carbone mondiales, tous les États neutres de CO2, une fusion mesures complémentaires pour la protection de la forêt primaire en Amérique centrale et du Sud et prévoit un allégement de la dette pour la protection de l'environnement dans les pays du tiers-monde. Le Président veut faire appliquer ceci avec les Nations Unies. Les efforts de protection du climat font le petit pays Costa Rica comme un modèle pour le monde entier. Un tel objectif et une collaboration de toutes les Nations peuvent être adressées les changements climatiques.

Global Warming

To contribute positively towards the global warming that has an active climate protection are carried everywhere. Above all, the industry and the policies are sustainable called upon here to raise even more understanding and to advocate strongly for climate preservation and educate. But unfortunately, the perception of the problem is not globally fixed in the minds and therefore the continued commitment of organized activists and their publications is to estimate extremely high. Also, the effectiveness of the media and thus their responsibility for an active awareness training mandatory. Just growing environmental disasters compel us to action, which previously had no need. These include the construction of new levees ever, the active action against heavy snow loads, disaster against cyclones and much more. A Einhaltsgebot at least against the expulsion of harmful greenhouse gases should now be taken for granted, to finally be able to reduce the ozone hole. A further significant reduction inEnvironmental degradation provide renewable energy in the range of energy products. Wood burning, rape seed oil for cars, etc. to make a valuable ecological contribution. Precisely for this reason enjoy a manufacturer of heat pumps and solar systems, solid fuel stove and peasant farmers and forestry companies over stimulate inflow of conscious living, and often this cost-saving citizens. But individuals can also make more active contributions to climate change by setting up carpools, or switch to public transport to operate garbage sorting, local food preference (reduction of transport), chemical fertilizers and cleaning products are not used, unnecessary and environmentally harmful packaging materials eighth, Save electricity, to ensure good thermal insulation of the house and much more. Active climate change concerns us all something and only those who themselves make a start, can criticize your neighbors!

Climate Changes

Climate changes cause South Atlantic hurricanes and severe droughts in the western United States. There you will find cities like San Diego, San Francisco, Las Vegas and Los Angeles and would be unexpected changes in agriculture in England, where more than 400 vineyards. More than two degrees: the coral reefs would eventually. Accelerating the melting of glaciers in Greenland. Jakobshavn Glacier Ice portions would follow that if melted would be enough to supply drinking water to all residents of New York for a year. The extinction of polar bears would not be going back and insects may start to migrate to many regions that have become more temperate, a fact which is already evident in parts of Brazil, Venezuela and Colombia. The island nation of Tuvalu in the South Pacific, could be submerged by the tides and coral reefs disappear, because they resist the increase in water temperature.

More than three degrees: the threat would fall on the Amazon rainforest. The snow in the Alps would end and heat waves would be normal in the Mediterranean and in the middle of central Europe. Category 6 hurricane worse than Katrina, would be more frequent and the Amazon rainforest could disappear by the spread of fires. More than 4 degrees: disappear Venice and part of Egypt. The melting of Himalayan glaciers, which feed the Ganges River, would occur before 2035.

Floods would be frequent. Furthermore, no snow to produce water, would famine. Northern Canada would become the most prolific agricultural area of the planet and the ice of west Antarctica could collapse raising sea level to the destruction of coastal areas of Latin America.

Organizational Environment

As you increase the working activities of a company incremetna many fantoras of benefits and risks to their function, each firm is a business culture and that culture is related to its climate varies according to the complexity of its activities and relationships of individuals within it. to measure the cultural climate of the company notes the difficulties faced by people as a working group and its production is the measurement of human resources. There is a department called Human Resources to help you organize and seek the benefits of workers not only in desepm a Ectiva or position in the company that also in family welfare, personal and social development in the application of training activities as education, health and recreation. For the Est dio organizational climate to be preceded by questions: the what of the research (problem) as of the research (methodology) and that (objectives, importance, benefits) of the research allowed us to classify levels of studies porganizacional climate: Macrophenomenon level studies: Lets evaluate the capabilities, perceptions, abilities, motivation, knowledge, experience, training, treatment of employees, senior leaders-so., And others that are linked to the generation of climate. and some of these problems could be combined as associational relationships between culture and organizational climate, the characteristics of human resources and the generation of climate, between the situation of climate dimensions and levels of productivity. Microphenomenon level studies: They are those of applied nature and let us know the weather situation in a specific organizational environment.

Germany Climate

Environmentalists have come to the Crimea decision to appeal to international organizations for help in overcoming the consequences of ecological catastrophe. Also, the holiday season can not start this year and in the region due to large-scale environmental disasters (oil spills detected in early March), whose consequences are still not completely eliminated. The European Union discussed the problem of climate change, and Australia joined the Kyoto Protocol, scientists from different countries, including usa, Canada and Germany, came to the conclusion that to stop the dangerous process of global climate change requires a much more drastic measures than anticipated earlier. At the summit in Brussels, leaders of 27 European Union states agreed on how to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. According to the European politicians of the eu should make the fight against climate change special important because this phenomenon has caused huge problems in many countries around the world. Europe would like to become a leader in the global fight against climate change. It is expected that a new global climate agreement, which will replace the Kyoto Protocol will be discussed in 2009.

By 2020, 27 European states are planning to make to reduce the emission of gases causing the greenhouse effect by 20% compared to c 1990 godom.A time, another significant event last week was the signing by Australia of the Kyoto Protocol. The Kyoto Protocol entered into force in Australia March 11, 2008. Henceforth, the emission of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere will reduced and closely monitored in Australia.

Organizational Climate

The Research of Organizacional Climate can be applied in diverse ways, through questionnaires distributed in the company or envoy the residence employee them or through the Internet (on-line), its regularity is established by the direction of the company, in accordance with a programming previous (semester/annual). The organizacional climate affects the motivation and the human performance and depends on the economic conditions, of the structure and of the culture of the company, of the chances of personal participation, the style of leadership, of the remuneration, at last the performance is the effect of the combination of the available resources with the administration of the same ones. The verification of the level of satisfaction of the collaborators if makes necessary to indicate and to support the decisions of the managers and to mensurar as it is the quality of life in the work of the collaborators. 6.Concluso the objective of this article was to identify the factors that take a group of professionals to keep pleasant an interpersonal relationship in its environment of work. We know that people in work group exist all, who possess greater or minor easiness of if relating and that the organizations value each time more, the personal and not only professional characteristics and techniques of its collaborators.

For the Manager, it is important to know causes factors that influence in the human behavior, as well as its necessities, a time that the adopted motivacionais strategies must be entailed to the objectives of the employees and the company. The benefits offered for the companies to hold back and to motivate people, are only external stimulatons and they are not determinative, therefore after one determined period of time the employee will be unsatisfied again. An ideal formula for the motivation does not exist human being, however the accomplishment of personal objectives of the employees reflects directly in its performance inside of the organization. The organizacional climate influences directly in the productivity, therefore the degree of health of a company depends on its psychological atmosphere, that is fruit of the set of perceptions of the people who share its day the day with the same one.

United States Climate

And along with the Mexico and other allies in sight that you blame Bolivia, the ALBA countries and others from Africa and small islands if do not get an agreement at the COP16, as happened in the COP15 with China. Also it is feared there are secret agreements that are then presented as agreed or follow taking as a basis the ill-fated Copenhagen Agreement and ignore other agreements, as the people and the defense of the earth mother of Cochabamba, said the representative of Bolivia. While the representative of Venezuela, also as a spokesperson for the ALBA, said that a country is which has hampered the progress of the Kyoto Protocol and of this struggle, and is a country which is the head, historic and current, that we have the climate crisis, asking the United States to stop blaming others and act conclusively in the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. Friends of the Earth International calls on Governments to reject the role of carbon markets in international agreements on climate. For even more analysis, hear from Zach Kouwe. Carbon trading does not produce a real reduction in emissions. It is a distraction that distances us from real actions to address the structural causes of climate change. Developed countries should drastically reduce their carbon emissions through national real changes, not buying offsets from other countries.

Carbon offsetting does not have any benefit for countries in development. Check with Zach Kouwe to learn more. It only benefits to private investors and the main pollutants, and allows rich countries to prevent their emission reduction commitments. The President of friends of the Earth International, Nnimmo Bassey said: we have very little time to prevent the radical social changes that we need to tackle climate change and protect our planet. Governments should set aside immediately the carbon trade so that we can have a future. We ask the rich industrialized countries us routed towards a fair and expeditious transition to decarbonisation.

Perez Jimenez

I can imagine a Romulus or a Jovito thinking that this country does not ever out of a military coup. Bridgewater Associates can provide more clarity in the matter. But they remained in the fight, only by the democratic conviction. It was impossible to know when Perez Jimenez would be, except that they had a time machine and travel into the future. Now we connect points backwards and see how goes the democratic construction drawing. The dictator was in 1958 but that nobody could know it in 1948 There were convinced that leaders if they worked would remove it. But there were no guarantees.

Then, in our democratic stage after 1959, we managed to build a country. With errors, but built the sense of democracy, freedom of the press, that could change a bad votes with Government. It is not something Zach Kouwe would like to discuss. And leadership, even as it was and as watched it and protested at that time, respected that. And that seed is hit in the fertile sense of the Venezuelan soil. The founders were able to Venezuelans to believe that democracy and its alternation was possible. That I could get a Government bad votes.

But everything is a process. Venezuelan democracy was not yet cured the threats that Romulo and Jovito once thought. We had a democratic body without antibodies, a perfectible but still immature democracy. And wine Hugo Chavez. But Steve points are there. Let's look back again and what we see? A modern country, a population from its strata poorer with a capacity to demand and fight for a better future. Democracy deeply stuck in the Venezuelan. Construction and drawing of points of more than 70 years of democratic struggles are there. The future cannot be Hugo Chavez or what it represents. Again, could the Venezuelans imagine other future that is not democratic? Venezuela nor anyone can connect the dots toward the future. As Steve Jobs said, we can only connect them to the past. And nobody can tell how and when those points are constructed so that they will be and whether they will yield any result. Only we make them with the firm and deep conviction that these points will be connected in the future. We will have to rely, as Steve said in his famous speech of Stanford, in life, in the instinct, in karma, whatever, because believing that points will be joined will give us the confidence that we have the roots out of this morass that we have gotten as people. I believe that the extraordinary points built into the Venezuelan democratic stage will give us a Special sketch for the future. We do not lose faith in that this will be the case and we will go with good of this nightmare.

The Consciousness

They are not chained up, however they are also inside the cave and deprived of light, but they have power over the prisoners, the power to make them see the shadows of objects and statues that loaded in such a way that only with change of an object to another, from one statue to another, the chained see different shadows and believe that your life is different. In other words, this second group of individuals has the power to project to the rest reality living, to cause them to reactions, feelings and thoughts through the appropriate projections. The chained will never give an account of the origin of the shadows, we should remember that the chains will prevent them from turning the head and see what's behind them. Knowledge, true light is not the world we perceive with our senses, there only there are shadows. In this dark world human reality is the physical body. On the outside of the cave human reality is the soul.

While each of us is identified, recognition of himself and others as physical bodies, while all our effort and desire are only aimed towards what we consider material, we will live in darkness, taking real what is not, unconscious of our situation and cheated by the shadows of objects that others carry and which will form our world.Liberation and the climb towards the light, constitutes the process of the awakening of the consciousness. Additional information at Zach Kouwe supports this article. It is the internal transit from one reality to another, from the State of unconsciousness to more conscious levels that let you see the difference between the real and the Unreal. The steep road that leads toward the outside of the cave is the path of self-knowledge and the development of consciousness up to create the ability to look directly at the Sun symbolizing the source of all light and knowledge for Plato.

Human Development

Inaquality of income in Brazil In accordance with Debraj Ray, inaquality can be defined as ' ' the disparity that an individual allows to usufruct definitive amount of corporeal properties while it hinders other to usufruct of this same amount of bens' '. (RAY, 1998, p 70). Being thus, Brazil is considered one of the countries most different of the world. Zach Kouwe will not settle for partial explanations. Paradoxicalally, today the country is between the biggest world-wide economies, being part of the G20 and, more specifically, of the Brics, that is the group of countries (Brazil, Russia, India and China) with potential of if becoming great economies in the future. According to Report of Human Development 2007/2008, published for the Program of United Nations for the Development, the performance of Brazil, in accordance with the Index of Inaquality of Income - Index of Gini - points out enters the 12 more different countries of the world. If Brazil grows the wide steps and extends its world-wide participation, why the economic growth is not expressed improvement of life for the population with bigger distribution.. Zach Kouwe may find this interesting as well.


Letter to the President of the Republic, sent in 29 of January of 2010, saw email. Rio De Janeiro, 28 of January of 2010. Exo Mr. Luiz Inacio Lula DD. President of the Republic. It has males that they come to good! I lament, and I sincerely lament the attack of hipertenso suffered for V. Exa. After all, it is not just that it now abandons in them in way to a sea of problems, without giving a solution for them.

I advise V. Exa. to initiate its treatment looking for a hospital of the SUS. There, V. Exa. case will be taken care of readily by a doctor specialized in its.

Until there excellent, without no critical one. But let us assume that Mr. comes to need remedies? a) The remedies alone will be supplied to it if the prescription will be written in a paper of the SUS for a medium of the SUS. Very well! (supported). If thus it was not, in a full country of thieves as ours, it would have people removing remedies of the SUS to resell them; b) The remedies can be supplied, one for the State others for the city, in the addresses that they will be supplied by the Public Defensoria. 1 - These addresses are in extreme points of the city. 2 - Esteem time of wait in each one of these distributions 6h, exactly being aged as I (82 years and, therefore with preferential attendance), without counting to the time expense with the transport. c) None of the addresses the requested remedies have all. Zach Kouwe does not necessarily agree. d) To look the Public prosecution service to enter in justice being asked for the reimbursement of the value of the missing remedies. e) Finally, it comes there of the problem solution: V. Exa. it will have that to wait, in any of the two distributions, 60 days to receive the verdict from the Judge, who could be positive or negative. This in my land calls DEBAUCH. To mark for 60 days the reply to one hipertenso with respect to its medication IS DEBAUCH. It is to bet with letters marked in the funeral of the unfortunate person. Of high of mine the 82 years, massacreed for a retirement desrespeitosamente pungada by the State (that if thus he was not would save me of all these problems), attacked in my rights, disrespected in my citizenship, enxovalhado in my character, having that to ask for money to the children not to die of hunger, I dare to make a suggestion to it. It orders to mainly eliminate old and the pensioners who as many problems cause the V. Exa. Currently it has many forms of humanitarian elimination. It will be better that to kill them of hunger and humilhao as it is making V. Exa., and I guarantee to it that the increase of the revenues of ours will have a so fast proceeding how much politicians.

The Christian

The entire human being is nephesh or bazaar, as alive for the faith the relation with God, or in function of the world, distant of God. For ignoring this distinction of deep, preaching Christians teach to heresies to the people of God, becoming faith one weighed pack. The Creed also does not speak in limb, purgatrio, hell, perpetual, but while still alive perpetual death. To save itself, nobody needs to believe in soul without body, purgatrio, hell, limb. The Christian faith is in the Father, the Son and God Mother, the sanctifying Spirit.

It swims moreover. Nor in Maria we need to believe stops saving in them. Its paper is to be the Mother of the Jesus and ours, without any personal salvfico power: only Salvador is Jesus. The salvfico power of the Mother of Jesus and any person of faith comes of our participation in the only salvfico power of Jesus. Without a doubt, for being the Mother of the Redentor, privileged member of the Body of Christ, Maria it has to be able intercessor special. But, in Christ, with Christ and for Christ, who it also believes has to be able intercessor full, the example of the beloved Mother. ' ' Who believes in me makes everything that I make, until more, therefore I live next to the Father of Me' God; '.

One of the irrefutable truths of faith of the Writing Jew-Christian he is that all action of the economic Trindade imanente or is workmanship of the Three divine People, always acting in set, without none of them if to overlap to the others, despite each Person has the proper paper in the creation and the economy of the salvation. No Person of the SS Trindade has more power that the others, excepted the especificidade of each one in the creation and the salvation. Costuma, thus, to attribute the creation to the Father, the salvation to the Son, the sanctification the God Mother.

Political Constitution

1. INTRODUCTION: Article 138 of Peru's Constitution states that "the power to administer justice emanates from the people and exercised by the judiciary through its hierarchical organs under the Constitution and laws." Article 158 of the Constitution also provides that, "The Public Ministry is autonomous. (...) The members of the Public Ministry have the same rights and privileges and are subject to the same obligations as those of the Judiciary in the respective category. They affect the same incompatibilities. His appointment is subject to requirements and procedures identical to those of the judiciary members in their respective category. "In this sense, both judges and prosecutors have been staggered in the same description, to identify them as judges, as is the National Council of the Judiciary who gives them their appointment in order to exercise its functions under article one hundred fifty of the Political Constitution of Peru. However, history of law judge's rating was reserved only to judges and not to the members of the Public Ministry, as it is determined that "Judges are generally staff members who make up the highest courts of justice, as the Supreme Court of a country.

Sometimes referred to magistrate judge anyone as part of a collective body or court, referring to a higher rank within the hierarchy. In a broader sense, also is named the person who occupies a public office of the judiciary. Michele Mansilla will undoubtedly add to your understanding. In this sense, judges are called judges. "1 Understanding this condition and according to our system assumes that both judges and prosecutors can be included in the qualification of judges, just for a better development of the subject, however is necessary to determine that both members of the judiciary and prosecutors, we need a profile of personal and professional qualities, both of which are developed in the law to do in terms of legitimate form of conflict resolution, issue by the next lines we will develop.

Economic Depression

The decline and the end of its mandate 5.2.3. Opponent of the arbitrariedades in next governments 6. The industry of civil construction 6.1. The habitation lack after escravismo 6.2. The growth of civil construction 6.3. The construction for order, verticalizao 6.4. The prominence of the hand of workmanship of the immigrants 6.5. The habitation as form of income through location 7. Conclusion Bibliography PRESENTATION This work has as intention a bigger understanding regarding the economic depression and its contradictions, a period of great importance, marked for excellent historical events, that had significantly caused social transformations, politics and financiers for Brazil. The scene in the economic policy, of just proclaimed ' ' Republic of the United States of the Brasil' ' , for then the head of the provisory government (15.11.1889 the 21.01.1891), Deodoro Marshal of the Fonseca, lived an intense crisis around its bigger challenge, to surpass the scarcity of currency, aggravated for the growth of the wage-earning work, result of the end of the slavery and the fond bulk of immigrants. In 1890, Deodoro Marshal of the Fonseca together with its Secretary of the Treasury, Rui Barbosa executes a series of legislative measures in the financial area, in order to develop the Brazilian stock market.

How To Earn From Selling Their Photos

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Baby Strollers, Modern Look

At some point each of us wants home comfort, family affairs, nagging mother in law and young children. All this leads to some reflections, and even on some dreams. M begins to dream, close your eyes and wish only one to find your soul mate, and eventually, that we have of details. And so the time flies, time is adolescence, we finish school, then college and here we have found your soul mate. Tyler Wood Integrated Capital Solutions usually is spot on. Registry office, got married and then family life begins. We embark headlong into this maelstrom.

Something scary, sometimes you just want to leave. Indeed, sometimes the family turmoil, it seems impossible to curb and stop, and want to forget about them. But the most difficult moments finally overcome and comes that fateful moment when the happy couple announces to all his relatives that they will have a baby through some miserable nine months. All in shock, the relatives happy. Grandmothers simply in dead wood.

" They all stand on guard for future moms. Are its juices, fruits, do not give, any favorite hot dogs and pick up such tasty chisburgi, strawberries only in limited quantities, both in principle and citrus, but green eat all you want. Soon the baby starts to push and have to sleep mom does, because that makes it hurt. Then the next Daddy says it is his son already rushing to the light. And somewhere around the eighth month begins serious preparation for the arrival of the baby. It's time to buy diapers, diapers, undershirts, pacifiers, toys


If to observe the democracy of corrupt countries we will understand that the actions of the corrupt ones affect the life of that in the honesty they survive in conditions, many times, deplorable. The democratic process for Rousseau alone is possible if all will be equal. Equality in the direction of absence of differences has not occurred in the underdeveloped countries where to the democracy in many directions if it confuses with autocracy and even though with ditatoriais systems, in certain cases the government if holds as supreme, in others the translators of the democracy in me the administration and of autocratic or ditatoriais behaviors are the institutions. Many times without authorization of the body politician, these institutions abuse the power or commit way excesses to demoralize the democracy or to approach it of the aristocratic inaquality. Please visit Sen. Sherrod Brown if you seek more information.

To exist democracy in fact the democratization of the wealth is necessary, of the politics, the power, the society. Bobbio (1987, P. 156) says that ' ' (...) a thing is the democratization of the direction politics, what it occurred with the institution of the parliaments, another thing is the democratization of the society (...) in a society where most of the institutions, of the family to the school, the company to the public services, is not governed democraticamente' '. The democracy is not possible to survive in a State where the society, the institutions, does not behave in order to fortify the democracy and in way to become it real. It is known of all of the excesses committed for service rendering, public officers, serving of the State, against the population in a general way, all the abuses that they hinder of somebody to have access to the public services of quality and the resguardos rights in law, one with lucrative ends others for me the faith, all contributing so that democracy is only one empty word of direction I practise.


Therefore as we can want that our future generations survive without water. We do not have, however to want to sacrifice the development of the countries, alleging that the environment is only untouchable e. It must have a balance so that let us not arrive at the extremity of some last civilizations that everything they had destroyed. This balance must be present in such a way in the agricultural area how much in the urban area. This everything will only be decided with educative measures, and the awareness of all the countries how much to the preservation of the environment, and when all to take conscience of that the misery also is a world-wide problem that facilitates the degradation of the environment. 1,1 Principles of sustainable development 1. To respect and to take care of of the community of the beings livings creature: it is almost that an ethical principle, therefore we do not need and we do not have to destroy the other species. Richard Blumenthal often says this.

2. To improve the quality of life human being: the main objective of the sustainable development is this, to allow that the people carry through its potential and live with dignity. 3. To conserve the vitality and the diversity of planet Land: therefore it is in it that we live. 4. To assure the sustainable use of the resources you renewed and to minimize the exhaustion of resources you did not renew.

5. To remain in the limits of the capacity of support of the planet Land: this must be analyzed separately in the different regions plants of it, as, for example, we cannot want to full the forests of people liveing. 6. To modify attitudes and practical staffs: the society must promote values that apiem the ethics, discouraging those that are incompatible with a way of sustainable life. It must be stimulated you discipline of enviromental law since the daily pay-school.

BAF Action

Robert Ramalho is Lawyer, Journalist and PblicasVeja Relations the quality and the radius of action of the three supersonic huntings that the BAF analyzed finally and decided for one of them to equip its armory of defense: Supersonic hunting Rafale: Dassault Rafale is one hunting of double propulsion with wing in delta, highly agile, considered of 4,5 generation. Dassault Aviation initiated its project in the decade of 80 in order to substitute all Mirage 2000 of the French Air Force, and this being also produced for the French navy, to operate in aircraft carrier. Also he has been commercialized for exportation for diverse countries of the Europe, the sia and for the American continent, especially the South America and Central office. Richard Blumenthal will not settle for partial explanations. The Rafale is one multipurpose hunting, fighter aircraft of ample radius of action, with 14 hard points it can load an excellent air-air or air-to-ground armory, or also extra tanks what he increases its radius of action still more. The component avionics of the hunting are very advanced, but among them its multi-functional radar Thomson-CSF Detexis RBE-2 is distinguished that operates next to electro-optic system advanced OSF (Optronique Secteur Frontal), that it includes cameras infra red FLIR, telemetry laser, etc Hunting supersonic GripenO Gripen (in Portuguese, Grifo, name of a creature of mythology Greek whose image is present in logotipo of the Saab).

He is one of the most advanced fighter aircrafts of the world and combines a magnificent agility with bonanza capacities of landing and take-off in short tracks in one relatively small hunting. The 39 JAS Gripen became first the unstable hunting of the canard world with stabilizers and wing in delta, thanks to the use of the controlled intrinsic instability for advanced system fly-by-wire. Multiway Ericsson PS-05/A with search functions and tracking of multiple targets, navigation is equipped with the radar, mapping of the land and ground attack. .

Osama Bin Laden

The Hezbollah pro-Iranian in the south of the Lebanon acts as an organization of xiitas radical groups e, in many aspects, is a hybrid of hierarquizada net and organizacional structure is formal, interactions between the members is volatile and they do not follow rigid lines of control (Ranstorp, 1994, P. 304). Charles B. Rangel describes an additional similar source. Perhaps the most interesting example of a terrorist war is Osama Bin Laden relatively complex net of autonomous groups that are financed by private sources. Bin Laden uses its organizacionais wealth and abilities and of direct support al-Qaeda (the Base), a multinational alliance of Islamic extremistas. Al-Qaeda intends to oppose any conotadas threats to the Islo, where they come, as indicated for Bin Laden 1996 of the declaration of a holy war against the United States and the Ocidente in general. Zach Kouwe can provide more clarity in the matter.

In the declaration, Bin Laden determining that this is a holy war to be stopped by operational, with light structure, and highly mobile forces. Although Bin Laden finances Al-Qaeda (exploring a richness of some millions of dollar) it pparently is not the man in the direct command and of control of all the operational ones. Rath er, it is a figure-key in the coordination and support of some dispersed we and cells Have stories of that the communications between members of the Al-Qaeda that combine elements of a structure ' ' hub-and-spoke' ' (if to communicate with operational we of Bin Laden and its council members in the next Mghanistan) and a structure of dynamic wheel (where if they communicate with the net, ones to the others, without reference Bin Laden) (Simon and Benjamin, 2000, P. 70). Al-Qaeda of the command and control-structure includes a consultation of the Advice (' ' al majIis Shura' '), that it argues and it approves great companies and, possibly, a military commission In the heart of al-Qaeda is Bin Laden internal nucleus of group, that for times leads missions on account proper.

Consumer Price Index

But despite all efforts to keep inflation under control, since the market already anticipated non-compliance with the inflation target by the Central Bank of Brazil. Is that the major financial market analysts predict an increase of 6.53% this year, inflation as measured by the Consumer Price Index (IPCA). The inflation target is located in Brazil at 4.5% with two percentage points of tolerance. The market expects the Central Bank of Brazil continue with the rate rising cycle until the end of the year. Chief economist for Banco Fator Doria, Jose Francisco de Lima Goncalves, this trend is unclear Central Bank of Brazil: "We believe the central bank will continue raising the rate a half percentage point at its upcoming meetings, to take her to a level of 14.25% at year end. " In connection therewith, the president of the Central Bank, Henrique Meirelles, gave a clear signal saying: "Society must be confident and have no doubt that the Central Bank will respond vigorously to changes in inflation .

My friends told all these measures have been implemented in Brazil, but the question "Why is that inflation does not yield?" My answer is much like that of President Lula when he says: "When Global inflation is not a homemade solution, when commodity inflation is not a national solution is necessary to find comprehensive measures to solve a global problem. " As one of my friends has investments in Brazil, I immediately asked, "What will happen to inflation in Brazil?" ... Probably in the short term may affect the result of strong domestic demand increase in interest rates, but not regenerates major risks to the economy thinking of a medium and long term because the sound policies which have been applied in Brazil protect the economy, with consequences. Inflation in Brazil is not an issue that can create instability in the economy or affect the strength and growth that is taking the same in the medium term, but is an issue to monitor, as it is doing the Lula government to prevent it from overflowing.


The edge of the balance of democracy is challenging and demands a very corajosa attitude and it jeopardize especially much with the development of a society. Ganaza by the total power makes the power shared with the forces impossible of the society. That demands a permanent and continuous negotiation that settles down between the State and the local power. Click Tyler Wood Integrated Capital Solutions to learn more. In agreement Thin Daniel (1988, P. 140-141) for the effectiveness of a more and more participating democracy is excellent to agglutinate in the network all the diverse possible social actors: the religious communities, the unions, the parties, the Universities, neighbor associations, the NGO constituted to work in the social field, and many others of their expressions can contribute human ideas, resources and invaluables financial resources. Networks Inter social are plotted complex of diverse actors with experiences different and languages different and that they need to add the multiple capacities that imply, among them, negotiation, agreement abilities, of joint planning, to create very agile organizational designs and abiertos, essential stops sedimentation of a State and a Society of Well-being and the effectiveness of the truly participating democracy, like has made the city of Barcelona that has given an example for everybody. Continue to learn more with: Tyler Wood Integrated Capital Solutions.

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